Why Amazon Storefront Is So Important?

Posted: March 09

Storefronts are one of the Top 3 ways to convince customers to buy your product. 


On average, Amazon listing has a conversion rate (CVR) of around 10% – 15 %, but Storefronts increased it to over 21%, as shown in the image below.


Why is this so?


Let’s divide reasons into 2 sections – from a customer perspective and a business point of view.


Customer experience


We should remember that people buy from people (and brands) they like and trust. Amazon is an e-commerce platform where new sellers join the competition every day.


To stand out from the crowd, you must give your customers a fast way to dive deeper into your brand and product. You will need a high-quality, easy-to-read, and understandable Storefront where your buyers will look for:


  • All the details, updates, valuable information, and social proof for the product


Regardless of whether your product is expensive, you must provide the best buying experience to people who trust you. The more they click, reach, and spend time on your product and brand, the more they invest in it, and there is a higher chance for them to purchase.


Business/technical benefits


A well-optimized storefront gives a lot of essential data about the product and the brand. In the long run, it helps sellers to understand their customers’ behavior and interests.


You can benefit from:


  • Analyzing every product and page in terms of visits, orders, sales, sales per visit, units per order, etc.


  • Seeing the source where buyers are coming from. It could be internal (paid Amazon features or organic traffic) or external such as Google ads.


  • Measuring product engagement. You can track how many renders each product had for a particular time frame.


  • Tracking the number of add-to-carts


Including top-notch Storefront into one of our partners’ accounts, helps us hit over 651 000 visitors and 141 000 orders for the brand’s products.


Remember that CVR from Storefronts is higher because visitors are warming up to your products much more than those looking at your listings.

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