The Right Person to Register Your Amazon Account​

Posted: Oct 12

It doesn’t matter, whether you decide to register your “Amazon” account as a company or an individual, the “Amazon” account is ALWAYS linked to a person. It’s possible to change the information of the company, however, you cannot change the person who was linked to the account. If you think I’m wrong, please leave a comment, because I’ve never heard of a case where someone has managed to do it. Not only you might need documents and proof of address of the said person during the registration process, but you might also be asked to prove that they are real in the future, if your account gets suspended or needs to be re-verified.


In the last few years, I’ve been working with hundreds of Amazon sellers or businesses who wish to start selling and service providers or consultants. During that time there were a few cases when as a result of poor management and rash decisions sellers lost large amounts of money. The reason is quite simple – the account was registered on the person, who is not working for the company anymore, so they had trouble finding the person’s documents. Of course, there are times when sellers manage to find that person and he complies with a request to help with verification of the account.


That’s why we highly suggest to consider, who’s name you use for Your Amazon account’s registration. It should be the most stable and consistent person in the company. Sometimes it’s said as a joke, that it’s the cleaning lady, but in all seriousness, it mustn’t be a hired worker, e-sales manager, freelancer, etc. The person to register the account should be the owner of the company, who has the most shares and is least likely to leave the company and disappear.

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