Yearly Amazon features review 2022

Posted: January 5

2022  is already behind our backs! It was challenging, exciting, and full of achievements last year. Both for our community and Amazon. 


When talking about the platform, I was amused by the number of new Amazon features for the previous 12 months. 83 new updates to help our businesses perform better. Here are all the new updates for 2022: 


January 2022 updates 


ASIN Growth Optimizer 

Released in the first days of 2022, it shows the best practices and action categories you should fulfill to reach top ASIN optimization.


Theme-based bid suggestions for Sponsored Products

The new update helps the Seller choose the bid that aligns mostly with his campaign’s goals. 


Customer Engagement Tool available in Seller Central 

This feature was fully available in Vendor Central. Now, the opportunity to run email campaigns via Seller Central is finally live.


More bulk uploads updates

We talked about changing campaigns’ names via bulk files before. You can also add many ad groups under a particular SP campaign. 


Amazon Turkey FBA program 

From now on, products sold from EU Warehouses will be delivered directly to their Turkish customers by Amazon. You don’t have to handle Turkey-specific import and shipping operations. 


View-only access for manager accounts 

You can grant a manager account and its users view-only access to your advertising data. They could create and download reports and view invoices and payment information.


February 2022 


Suggested bids for Sponsored Display (SD) vCPM-based campaigns 

The new feature is provided for SD views remarketing and product targeting campaigns. It would replace the guesswork when selecting a bid for these campaigns. 


Sponsored Display budget rules are now available within Ads Console globally 

Advertisers can set a campaign budget in advance by using schedule-based rules or performance-based rules.


New creative services in BETA version 

It is a great way to connect brands and creators. You can filter your choice for Sponsored Brand Video or Store, by country, language, customer reviews, etc. 


Use bulk sheets for running new campaigns in Sponsored Display within the Ad Console

With this update, you can create and optimize sponsored ads campaigns at scale. You will always see performance metrics such as CPC and ROAS. 


Multiple ad groups for Sponsored Display.

It is a beneficial update that could help you better structure your campaigns and budgets.


Budget percentage usage is available in Amazon Ads API

Both Sellers and Vendors worldwide can pull out their budget percentage usage in real-time. They can do it for Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products using the Amazon Ads API.


March 2022


New campaign creation process 

With this change, you can choose your bidding strategy and campaign name at the end of creating a new campaign. 


New addition to Product Opportunity Explorer

The new Trends Dashboard, shows the trend of a particular niche over the last year in 7-day periods. You can have information about the Sales Volume, Search Conversion Rate, Product Count, and Average Price. 


Sponsored Display released matched target reporting in the Amazon Ads API 

It helps advertisers dive deep into performance based on the product detail page where the ad is displayed. You have data about the ASINs, and related product detail pages your ads appeared on, resulting in at least one click. 


Sponsored Brands with new-to-brand and detail page views metrics for video 

This metric gives you the number of first-time purchases for promoted products within the brand over a one-year lookback period. 


Sponsored Brands, Stores, and Amazon DSP in Turkey

Advertisers can access DSP via Amazon DSP. If you are interested in running your first DSP campaign, contact the Amazon Ads Sales team for instructions. 


Bulk files updates

Except for the cosmetic changes on bulk files, now you can see the Click-through rates numbers between Spend and Clicks. 


New report updates for both mobile and desktop sessions 

This is a significant impact on Sellers who can have clear and detailed information about their customers’ shopping through mobile.


April 2022


Partner status – the global recognition of Amazon for its Ads Partners;

You probably have seen a lot of posts of Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs announcing that they are verified Аds partners. This update gives a lot of benefits to the specialists that show expertise and engagement with Amazon Ads. 


Amazon DSP Advanced Certification; 

It validates an individual’s ability to excel in Amazon Ads programmatic strategies, including: 

✔️ the Amazon DSP campaign setup

✔️ reporting and attribution

✔️ bid strategies and campaign optimizations


Amazon DSP’s total conversion metrics; 

These metrics are the default measurement for on-Amazon conversions for Amazon DSP campaigns. Metrics for your promoted products will be paired with relevant total metrics in all DSP reports and report interfaces.


Amazon creative services; 

This new feature allows you to search and find the best creative services for your brand and needs. 


Creative assets expand to Sponsored Display; 

Advertisers can store, organize, and reuse their brand’s content with creative assets. With their expansion to Sponsored Display, you can reuse uploaded creatives and build your SD campaigns easily.


Videos in Sponsored Display campaigns in preview option; 

One more proof that content is crucial in building high trust for brands. When this opportunity becomes active, you can boost awareness and consideration of your products and brands. 


Suggested products sort option for Sponsored Products; 

When using it, Amazon filters your catalogue and selects and orders the products with the highest chance of being clicked on, with those most likely to engage buyers at the top of your list.


May 2022


Expanded metrics for Sponsored Display’s reach campaigns (vCPM) 

Advertisers will see click-based attribution when accessing reports within the Ads Console and Amazon Ads API. 


Sponsored Display bids recommendation expanded in new regions 

Suggested bids are now available in Australia, India, Mexico, and the Netherlands. They will be provided for Sponsored display views remarketing and product targeting campaigns. 


New Sponsored Brands report in BETA version

The Attributed Purchases report is a new BETA report. It shows the purchased products from your Sponsored Brands Campaigns. 


New operations column in bulk files

The new column is a huge relief when discussing large accounts’ processing time. When you want to change your campaigns, Amazon shouldn’t scan the bulk upload to detect what is different. 


New operations column in bulk files

The new column is a huge relief when discussing large accounts’ processing time. Now, when you want to make changes in your campaigns, Amazon shouldn’t scan the whole bulk upload to detect what is different. 


June 2022


Matched target report in Sponsored Display

This new report helps sellers and vendors dive deep into the product detailed pages (PDPs) on which their ads are displayed. 


Sponsored brands Ad groups 

А great new feature appears when you start creating Sponsored Brands (SB) campaign. You can add different ad formats and have a better overall campaign structure.


ASIN eligibility status for Sponsored products via bulk sheets 

Have you wondered why some ads have fewer clicks than expected? You can find it by downloading a new spreadsheet on the bulk operations page in the Advertising Console. 


New global features to manager accounts

You can use the “manager account access” to link accounts from any marketplace that Amazon operates to your manager account. 


July 2022


Combine lifestyle image, headline, and logo in Sponsored Display 

Registered sellers and vendors can now combine their SD creatives. You can add a headline, logo, and lifestyle image together or individually. 


Amazon DSP uses modeled conversions to measure the total value of your campaign

The feature is available only in the USA. It helps advertisers to track their ad spend across addressable and non-addressable audiences.


Video builder is now available for Sponsored Brands video placements

With this update, you have ready-to-use templates. You can add images and copies from your detail pages and upload lifestyle and other images from your desktop or creative assets. 


Industry Standard custom report template (CRT)

This offline report offers advertisers the option of using different breakdowns. You can select a device type, environment type, impression counting methodology, and measurement source.


Unified data table component (UDC) charting in DSP 

The new charting component appears directly above the campaign management data table. Amazon DSP did not provide data visualization within the campaign management tables before. 


And a few expansions for Amazon Attribution, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Ads and Stores

✅ Amazon Attribution expands to Mexico and the Netherlands;

✅ Sponsored Display contextual targeting and audiences are now available to advertisers in Sweden. 

✅ Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Stores are now available in Egypt for both sellers and vendors; 


August 2022 


A significant change in Amazon Reviews 

The update changes what your customers will see first when they open the PDP (product detailed page). They will notice recent reviews in the first place, not those from a few years ago.


Amazing Premium A+ content available in Seller Central

Access to the new feature is granted at the end of every month, but you must cover a couple of criteria: 

✔️ all of the ASINs in your catalogue must contain a published A+ Brand Story; 

✔️ you must have at least 15 A+ Content project submissions in “Approved” status within the past 12 months; 


Brands can now use Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Generate combined, aggregated, and anonymized advertising and shopping insights for the products you advertise through Amazon Ads.


A game-changing breakthrough in Amazon Attribution for Google Ads

Amazon and ampd(dot)io collaborated on a huge structural change to the Amazon catalogue. 


Amazon Ads update 

We noticed many new metrics on some of our clients’ video campaigns off Amazon, such as: 

✔️ add to cart

✔️ viewable impressions 

✔️ new-to-brand reach and new-to-brand detail page views, and many more 


Sponsored Brand Headline suggestions 

This update is a big relief for advertisers because it recommends several headline copies for your campaigns. 


Search stock assets available on Ads Console 

One more great update you can find in your Creative assets that will save you much time. You can search for and add stock images directly in the Advertising Console to promote your product. 


Search Query Performance (SQP) update 

Exciting news for your ASINs. Now, the SQP can show the top search queries for a specific ASIN, up to 1000!


September 2022


Quality translations from Amazon Ads localization services

This new feature aims to help brands expand in different locales by translating text and video content. 


Creative editing for Sponsored Brand video campaigns created with Ad Group

Now, advertisers can edit a live campaign without needing to re-create a new one. You won’t lose any historical data and information collected on the live campaign. 


Bulk cloning of non-guaranteed line items via Amazon DSP 

This new functionality allows you to copy and/or clone more than one non-guaranteed line item at a time. It’s available from the line item grid view as long as the line is active or has ended within 5 days. 


A gross and invalid traffic report in the Advertising console 

This report lets you view metrics like gross and invalid impressions, invalid impression rate, etc. 


Tailored audiences in beta for more customer engagement

Another Amazon push for brands is access to email marketing metrics and campaigns. 


Subscribe and Save audiences in DSP

This significant update on DSP builds an audience of customers with active subscriptions for particular products.


Sponsored product campaigns with presets 

If you create a Sponsored Product campaign with presets, you’ll see an opportunity card with a list of up to 10 products that are a good option for advertising.


October 2022


Amazon Seller Wallet – the new payment solution 

The new feature allows you to view, hold, convert and transfer your funds from selling on Amazon(dot)com to your local bank accounts. 


New names for 20 off-Amazon conversion metrics in Amazon DSP

These 20 metrics were categorized as “pixel metrics.” They include conversions from pixel-based tracking. 


Second release for enhanced creative policy guardrails

Amazon DSP gives a creative policy guardrails program to reduce creative moderation rejections. They could be through policy changes, product changes, and moderation automation. 


Quick analysis of campaign management tables with time unit reporting

This update provides a time breakdown that will appear as nested rows under orders and line items in the campaign management table.


Campaign copy for more exposure and brand awareness

Advertisers can copy campaign settings from an existing Sponsored Products campaign and apply them to a new Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display campaign. 


A new paid feature (beta) in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to measure the impact of advertising on vehicle purchases

Automotive advertisers can now subscribe to Experian Vehicle Purchase Insights. They can better understand buying behavior and learn how to reach new audiences.


Amazon DSP change history UI feature

This feature enables customers to connect changes to observed performance variations. It will help Amazon Sellers better pinpoint the root causes of changes to delivery and performance. 

Unboxed event announcements


Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS), in beta version, now expands to all countries currently supported by the Amazon Ads API. 

The only exception is India. AMS is a push-based messaging system. It delivers hourly Amazon Ads campaign metrics and information on campaign changes in near real-time. 


Amazon Publishing Direct (APD) for reach without hidden fees

APD provides Amazon’s buyers direct access to thousands of premium video, display, and audio publishers worldwide. It’s globally available. 


Expanded Product Targeting via Sponsored Products 

The update allows advertisers to target their preferred products and reach related products with one click. It’s accessible in both Advertising Console and API. 


Sponsored Display with video creative capabilities 

The new video format helps advertisers to present their ASINs and brand through fantastic storytelling. This release supports videos up to 45 seconds, giving more time to build brand awareness. 


Performance recommendations in Sponsored Products

The new update provides custom recommendations that advertisers can adopt in the Ads console. 


Retain Access to Amazon Audiences 

Advertisers can reach more consumers who express behaviors relevant to their business goals. Sellers can expand campaign reach to audiences that most likely will drive the desired outcome.


A new inventory opportunity for brands through Amazon DSP

Brands can programmatically run campaigns via Amazon DSP in physical store digital signage. This way, they allow customers to view or engage with a brand in a physical environment at the time of sale. 


November 2022


Amazon DSP released delivery troubleshooting

It’s an excellent way for self-service Amazon DSP customers to identify and understand the under-delivery issues for deal inventory.


Account transparency log to track advertising changes and see account activity

An essential new security page that provides a list of sensitive actions taken on an account via the advertising console. It also shows the username responsible for the change.


Shutterstock images in Amazon Ads for free

Amazon advertisers have easy and free access to Shutterstock’s library of 390+ million high-quality images.


Automated report setup in the Marketing mix models (MMM) application

Now, the MMM feed is much simpler thanks to automating and including brand, product, and campaign selection in the Ads console. 


Sponsored Display expands to Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market online stores

The feature allows Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market vendors to create, run, and manage Sponsored Display campaigns. Previously, Sponsored Display was only available for advertisers with products on Amazon(dot)com. 


Sponsored Display (SD) forecasting for impressions

Impression forecasting is available for SD campaigns with contextual targeting and Amazon audiences. Now advertisers can get the minimum and maximum range of available impressions inventory. They can select advertised products, optimization types, targeting, and bid values. 


December 2022 


Sponsored Display expands portfolio functionality

Sponsored Display has enabled portfolio functionality for cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) based campaigns that are optimized for reach. 


Sponsored Display releases mobile carousel ads

A new Amazon feature with  a mobile-only carousel ad experience for campaigns that have custom lifestyle images and brand logos. Shoppers can discover more product and brand information by swiping right.


Sponsored Display is now available in Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) in North America

This feature allows partners and advertisers to receive performance metrics and information on campaign changes in near real-time. Information is pushed to advertisers and partners through the Amazon Ads API.


Sponsored Display contextual targeting and audiences are now available to advertisers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


Twitch display inventory is now available in Amazon DSP

Advertisers can incorporate Twitch into their web display campaigns as a non-guaranteed open auction inventory.


View metrics for video creative in Sponsored Brand

Advertisers can use a new set of critical metrics for measuring and optimizing video campaign performance. The new metrics include: video first quartile, video midpoint, video third quartile, video complete, and video unmute.


Sponsored Display video creative now supports contextual targeting

Video creatives empower advertisers to showcase their products and brand through immersive storytelling. Advertisers using Sponsored Display contextual targeting and audiences will be able to build awareness and consideration of their products and brand on and off Amazon using a video ad format.


An insane number of new  features in 2022. What are your predictions for 2023, and what kind of new release do you expect or need?

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