What is a Honeymoon on Amazon?

Posted: Apr 22

The Honeymoon is the most wanted waiting period in a couple’s common family life. 

The good news is that you can experience one more type of Honeymoon. If you are an FBA Seller and just made your first FBA sale, congrats. This is the time when your Amazon Honeymoon starts. 

In simple words, this is a nearly 30-days period when the Amazon algorithm (A9) treats your product better than your competitors’. The reason is that you still don’t have an Amazon history, and the A9 is trying to know more about your product.  

The period is essential to focus on your marketing efforts. Bear in mind that your overall performance will define your product placements after the Honeymoon ends.
What is Amazon focusing on during the Honeymoon: 


  • Add to carts;
  • Your product’s conversions; 
  • Keywords, their match types, and how you use and fill them in your PDPs; 
  • Your customers’ behavior and preferences (intent to buy); 
  • Increasing your organic traffic and rankings on relevant keywords; 


Unfortunately, the Amazon Honeymoon has its ending, too, but you can more or less identify it. When your overall performance drops on a current date near those 30 days, you can be sure your product’s Honeymoon is over. 

This is the time when you will have to:


  • Reoptimize and reevaluate your strategy 
  • Adjust your marketing budgets, expectations, and KPIs; 
  • Analyze again your profit margins, goals, and what you want to achieve; 


Is it possible to have a second Honeymoon? Technically yes, but practically no. If you somehow re-launch your product, it could be considered your second favorable period, but it would mean you have messed up your previous work. 

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