Top-of-search Impression Share is a game-changer!

Posted: Oct 28

From all the PPC metrics to measure brand awareness, the Top-of-search Impression Share is a game-changer.


ToS IS shows the particular percentage of impressions for the targets within your campaign received out of all the possible top-of-search impressions in the targets in a certain period.


But, what exactly do we know thanks to the ToS IS metric:


Overall effectiveness of our PPC campaign


As I mentioned in one of my last posts, for our best seller account, we use the 1st level of optimization. This gave us the possibility to see that from one particular ASIN we were selling quite a lot. But no matter we were selling a lot in ads under this targeting ASIN, we had only 16.19% of the IS with 17.21 % in ACoS for 20 days period.


ToS IS helped us to see we can push that targeting ASIN more. What we did was to increase our bids and placement on product pages for that particular ASIN and campaign. As a result, our ToS IS for that ASIN increased from 16 to 75.15% and we quadrupled the sales for it. We continued to optimize it and our last 20 days of sales from this ASIN is over $ 28 000 at 15.68% of ACoS.


How to improve our ToS IS results


If we receive 10 % of ToS IS, it means that all the other sellers have the rest 90 %. To increase the results, we can adjust bids by placement.


If your ad placement is on ToS your conversions would be significantly higher and the CTR as well.


The goal of every seller is to be on ToS, but for using its benefits, you have to consider the ads budget very carefully.

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