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Posted: Apr 26

Every one of you knows the basic requirements for the title of the Listing. Every word must start with a capital letter (except articles like “a, and, for, with, as…”). At the beginning of the title, Amazon requires your brand name (if you are a Brand Registered). Title length is usually up to 200 characters.


Brand name in the Title


If you develop a more serious Brand, you have several products, then it is important for your brand to be recognized. You are doing some external marketing. On Amazon under your Brand Name for at least 1000 searches per month. In this case, it is relevant for you to write the Brand name in the product title.
BUT… If you do not do that or just have 1-3 products. Then you must understand that no one is interested in your “no-name” Brand. Do not waste valuable real estate.


Title length


Since we started talking about the value of the space, do you know what the limits of the Title are? Of course, we are not talking about the 200 or 250 characters limit. I am talking about the limits where the name of the listing”splits”. It „breaks“ on phones, small screens, and in some categories of a wider listing.


Remember the numbers:


“37, 77, 107” and check whether your Title words in these limits is the end of the word. For example, check if the 107 characters limit is in the middle of the word? If so, there is a high possibility that somewhere in that place the buyer sees half of a word and the other part is behind the three-point.


Title optimization for mobile devises


How many of you are optimizing your listings for mobile phones?
And how many of you buy something using your phones?
Nearly 80% of “action” (searches, purchases, and time spent) are made through mobile phones. So WHY you do not take this into account and do not accordingly optimize your listings? (We are talking about those who don’t do it). Do you check how your product looks like over the phone? No? You should, it might surprise you.
The optimization itself is not limited to the title, but in this post, we are talking only about the listing title.


In the year 2018 started Amazon’s new policy: “Title” length up to 80 characters. Why? This is because 80 characters are most often seen on a mobile phone. 77-85 characters as we have checked. So far, most sellers are not a subject to this, but for some of my clients, Amazon has suspended almost 15% of the listings because the title has exceeded the 80-character limit.


New changes to the A9 algorithm


When the A9 algorithm has changed, and Amazon says that all items on the listing have a similar weight to keyword ranking, it became more important to create a profile for the customers rather than to the Amazon robot. There have been several kinds of research made (by companies such as Sellics), and so as I have noticed myself, that after writing the keywords in the back-end, they are working same effectively as is the title.


Remember the 80/20 rule. 20% of the actions make 80% of the results. My recommendation is to choose the most appropriate search term for your product and use it in the title, adding the Brand name at the beginning (if applicable), the most important product feature, and of course the bundle name.


Summary: check how your listings look like on mobile phones, tablets, and different computer screens. Try to redo the title so, that it does not exceed 80 characters limit. If this is not relevant to you or you fail to do that, pay attention to the “37, 77, 107” limits.

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