Story behind a $1.7 million in sales a month product

Posted: Oct 18

What if I told you that you can gain $1.7 million in sales for a month with 1 product? This is what we did with one of our clients. And this is 10 times more than last year.

Even now, when I’m writing this post, the numbers are growing every single day.

What did we do to achieve this impressive result? We have completely changed our advertising structure.

One of our strategic moves was to switch from the 2nd level of optimization to the most scalable 1st level of optimization. This optimization needed around 5 weeks to mature. Once matured enough, we started pushing up a little more. After 2 months when we really started pushing this and optimizing, our ACoS dropped from 20% to 12%, increasing the margin.

As a result, we managed to get more organic and PPC sales, which increased the performance. I will share detailed information about the 4 types of optimizations in one of my next posts.

We have used weekly lightning deals and 7-days deals strategy

We’ve used the 7-days deals strategy to get the free traffic from the deals page for this extended period. We managed to do this without actually making a deal for our best-selling ASINs.

We have introduced additional variations

We have tested to move from a 1-level variation to a 2-level variation which we created as a part of our strategy. Thanks to the second level of variation we managed to:

  • pass the FBA savings
  • have the better margin
  • offer customers lower prices for buying more


We have also increased our monthly DSP retargeting budget from $15k to $40k, and even for 2 weeks, the result was obvious.

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