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Posted: October 25

What’s the purpose of building long-term strategies and advertising campaigns? Why do you want to present your products or services in the best way possible?

To please customers’ needs? I couldn’t agree more!

But there is another reason behind all the hard work and dedication.


In Amazon, tracking and predicting profitability can be challenging, especially when you work with thousands of ASINs.


But software like sellerboard can.


Below, you will find the essential benefits of the tool we notice daily.

One of the best profitability tools for Amazon

We are using sellerboard to check our clients’ day-to-day/week-to-week/year-to-year profitability. We can track each product’s performance on a user-friendly dashboard and make informed decisions for our clients’ long-term strategies. The tool is doing a great job in counting all the Amazon fees you can find on Amazon reports but not in one place and not every day.

Forecasting board to understand the right direction for your strategy

Sellerboard offers forecasts only for the current month, but it gives an excellent understanding of where your strategy goes. It’s beneficial when you make changes and want to see if they would affect your account KPIs negatively or positively.

Sellerboard for advertising management

You can use sellerboard for optimizing accounts’ advertising. The tool gives you a clear vision of your ads from the top level to the deepest parts of your ads strategy, product by product.

Extra features included in the price

Some of our clients use sellerboard to manage inventory, estimate cash flow, or look at the customer lifetime value (LTV) dashboard.

Adaptive to all businesses

Sellerboard is affordable software for smaller and bigger teams. It’s not an accounting tool and won’t give you 100% precise data, but it’s more than an effective tool for huge operational teams that have to dive into the advertising strategy daily.

What we would love to see in the future from sellerboard is advertising sales data with past attribution, just like we do in the Amazon Ads Console. What the tool shows now are only same-day advertising sales.

In reality, sometimes customers add a product to the cart and buy it a few days later.

Our overall conclusion is that sellerboard is a must-have tool to monitor profitability! There are many “one-size-fits-all” software. However, when you find a company focusing on what they are the best at – don’t hesitate to use them.

Which software do you use to track KPIs? We’ll be happy to read more about your experience in the comments!

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