Seller Central and Beehive. What do they have in common?

Posted: Oct 21

Did you know that your seller central and the beehive have a lot in common?

Let me explain.

The beehive has its Queen Bee. Amazon gives you the main seller central user, a.k.a. You are the Queen Bee. Can you imagine the beehive to function without its working bees, only with a Queen Bee? Neither do I.

Amazon allows professional accounts to create sub-user accounts, your working bees, to manage their business in its best way. Why is so important to create sub-user buyer accounts for the people related to your business:

More freedom in using internet data and device resources

From a security perspective, It’s crucial to use your personal network and your PC, laptop or mobile phone when logging in to your main seller account. If you log in from an insecure network, where someone else has logged in with their main user data, your accounts would be connected. In case of illegal actions from their account, your account would be suspended, too.

Creating a sub-user account gives the user freedom to log in from any place with an internet connection and from any device.


You can have a backup sub-user account in case of emergencies.


Creating a sub-user account, as a backup solution, is a great way to have access to your seller central in case of emergency for your main user. This could happen if Amazon temporarily suspends your main users buyers account due to suspicious activity.

Finally, you can have all the permissions needed for a daily base working process

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