Road to the Best Sellers Badge

Posted: Mar 11

Higher ranking. The ultimate weapon that can give your product an honored tag of Best Seller. The logical question that comes to your mind is “how to climb that ladder?”


2 weeks ago, I shared a brief post about all the possible options to do this via external traffic. Today we will talk about the more important part of the equation – the on-site Amazon sales. 


Sales ranking is a crucial metric that shows how your product performs within a particular category. A higher ranking means more sales than your competitors and, most of the time, more revenue. 


How could you increase your ranking? One way is by in-depth research and strategic placement of relevant keywords. You can focus on: 

  • Keywords you want to rank for or 
  • The phrase match of these keywords 


You can have several exact phrases that are phrase matched for your main one. If you sell “plush dinosaurs,” this could be your exact match. There are a lot of long-tail keywords you can add: plush dinosaurs for girls, pink plush dinosaurs for presents, etc. 


In those cases, what you can do is to: 

  • Separate the keywords into different campaigns and 
  • Focus on ToS Impression Share and ToS overall placement for them. 


On ToS your conversion rate is the highest, so you will probably have much more sales as well as help your organic keyword ranking the most. They will be more expensive and not so profitable, but your increased performance on that keyword or phrase will positively affect their ranking. 


The most optimal placement for ToS is #2 because, for the first position, it means that in most cases you will be overpaying for the clicks for very similar performance.

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