Removing Negative Feedback

Posted: April 13

What was the number one KPI metric for sellers decades ago?


Customer feedback.


It builds a loyal buyer community and a trustworthy brand reputation.


Before we start analyzing it, it’s essential to note that there are 2 types of opinions – customer feedback and product reviews.


The main topic in the blog post is feedback about the seller.


Positive Feedback

It’s customers’ good impressions of the seller- shipping is on time, pleasant customer service and communication, etc.


Negative feedback

It’s based on bad customers’ experiences. It includes a damaged product, late delivery, problems with returns, refund handling, etc.


Who wants to keep those? For sure, it’s not your main goal. But here is the tricky part.


Amazon has strict rules about what types of negative feedback can be deleted. They include problems with FBA, product-based feedback, personal information, and violating speech.


If the feedback is based only on experience with the product and its quality, Amazon can easily remove it. The opinion about the product itself refers to product reviews.

Why? The Amazon community must have realistic information about the company and its reputation. Especially buyers before they decide to buy from the seller or not.


What happens if you have negative feedback for a reason that is out of your control?


It could be a negative experience based on Amazon’s FBA service. When you use this option and buyers’ complaints include FBA, the platform takes responsibility for it and removes the feedback.


You can also request removal. Next to the feedback you will see a “Choose one” button and a drop-down menu with several options. Choose the “Request removal” one and Amazon will take care of the rest (images below).

It usually takes some time, but if there are keywords Amazon’s algorithm detects (such as delivery time), the review will be deleted immediately.


NOTE: You can’t request removals for feedback submitted more than 90 days ago.


What are the 4 reasons that Amazon considers and points out for deleting feedback:


The feedback includes obscene language.


The feedback includes seller-specific personally identifiable information.


The entire feedback includes a product review.


Strikethrough feedback if it regards fulfillment or customer service for an FBA order.


Removing feedback for the seller is not a freestyle dance. Just like in tango, it has steps and rhythm to follow. You can’t just change the style or move against the rules.


Follow the Community Guidelines, and the platform will be the best teacher you can ever have!


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