Recent Suspensions for Giveaways

Posted: May 16

You’ve probably already noticed that “Amazon” has been suspending some sellers, who are doing giveaway. When it all started, everyone began panicking, because this strategy to give away products with 50-80% discount on social networks or by using third party tools was one of the fastest and most effective, yet these are the most expensive ways to rise to the top of the search results.But why did the sellers immediately decide that the reason behind the suspension were giveaways? Accounts were blocked a few days after sellers began to give out coupons. “Amazon’s” reason – rank manipulation.


What exactly is Rank Manipulation?


“Amazon“ is not talking about „keyword ranking“, which is a term used by sellers. Rank manipulation is about„sales rank“ – BSR manipulation. „Amazon’s“ algorithm thinks that you’re trying to manipulate BSR by collecting positive reviews with incentive as compensations.


Email campaigns for getting reviews


Usually most sellers use third party tools and has an email sequence that sends emails to every buyer and asks for an HONEST review. Everything is in accordance with Amazon’s TOS. However, Amazon is able to see that a customer has bought a product with an individual 80% discount coupon and you’re asking for a review, so it assumes you’re trying to boost your sales by “buying” reviews. How to avoid it? If you’re offering coupons in any value, STOP all the email campaigns in which you’re asking for reviews.


Duplicate shipping addresses

Another potential reason for your account’s suspension – hijackers. „Amazon“ notices that the same product was ordered from different accounts, but to the same address or by using the same card. In this case there’s not much you can do, unless you have very little sales and you notice yourself if orders are being sent to the same address.


In the case of suspension

One of the most important things is to know the ROOT CAUSE – what has actually happened, why you were blocked. The first option is precisely a “misunderstanding” when trying to dispose of too much inventory. Second option could be a fault of hijackers who are buying your products from different accounts and are trying to make a profit from production. Most importantly you have to understand that these two things are considered rank manipulation. If you know the exact reason for your account’s suspension it’s much easier to get it back and running.

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