Prepare Your Account for The Big Events

Posted: November 10

We all know that when talking about Amazon, we are here for the marathon, not the sprint. 
With one exception. 
Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM) break the rules. It’s the time when both Sellers and customers run for the sprint. 

What are the tips and tricks for this year’s most awaited events? 

Don’t wait for the last-minute call to set up or adjust your PPC structure 
First things first. Campaigns need time to adjust and gather data. To be sure you will join the Q4 events well-prepared, do the hard work in the summer. It’s crucial to do optimizations week-to-week, looking at the data and increasing conversion rates.


One of the tools we use to track profitability is sellerboard. It’s a great help when we have to see granulated data for every product in one place. The best time to push advertising is 4 to 2 weeks before the events. We count on Ampd for our Google Ads presence. 
Create Prime-exclusive discounts and increase bids
It’s not a secret that customers love BF and CM because of the discounts. Prime-exclusive ones are highly recommended for widespread products. Remember that you already had to create them because Amazon won’t allow you to do them before the event. 
You probably won’t need discounts if you sell a niche product because the product is specific enough to perform well without an extra push. 
In terms of bids, we increase the budgets a lot, but we do it slowly. We need to be sure we will handle the traffic and conversions on the actual deal dates. 
Double-check your listings and product detail pages (PDPs)
Your PDPs are your first interaction with buyers. USA customers open around 14 detail pages before buying on average.


Make sure your infographics and A+ contents are high quality and SEO optimized. Especially now, when we have Premium A+, the importance of content is significant. Don’t forget to look at your listings one more time and make them user-friendly for desktop and mobile devices. 


Bear in mind that a week before Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you can expect fewer sales but more traffic. During this period, people are putting products in their carts until the exact time of discounts.

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