Pesticides On Amazon. How to deal with them?

Posted: Sep 3

Similar to how pesticides are harmful to humans and the environment, they can destroy your Amazon listings as well.


The information on your product detail page can include pesticide words that poison it, without you realizing it. And it’s a matter of time before the platform takes action against them.


Let me tell you why this happens, and how to deal with it.


Often Amazon’s robots detect words like non-toxic/toxic, free, non-bacterial, and block the listing. If this happens to you, here’s what you do next:

  • Contact Amazon support to request a review of the product detail page.
  • You will need to delete the description, bullet points, search terms, and in some cases listing images. The only way to change that information is through reuploading flat files – Amazon doesn’t allow any edits once the Pesticide label is applied.
  • Get your flat file with the existing information. Contact support and ask them to unlock the Category listing report.
  • Once you open the spreadsheet, you’ll have to delete the initial information.


The description, the bullet points, and the search term fields. Then input a few words not relevant to pesticides. Once you are done, re-upload the information via the Upload Your Inventory File feature.


Do NOT panic if you don’t see the changes at first – it happens after 24 hours have passed. You’ll notice that the listing’s status changes from “Detail Page Removed” to “Out of Stock”.


To get rid of this issue, you’ll have to do a full refresh. That can happen by:

  1. Deleting the listing.
  2. Waiting a few minutes to fully remove it.
  3. Re-uploading the file again without the pesticide words with the update attribute.


Give it a few more minutes and you’ll have an active product page minus the pesticide issue!


In this file you can find a list of words to avoid.: Pesticides

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