Is Amazon PPC Worth It?

Posted: Mar 1

Amazon PPC effectively delivers targeted customers to your listings, increasing conversion rates, and enhancing your brand’s visibility. Let’s look at what Amazon PPC is and its benefits to Amazon sellers.


What Is Amazon PPC?


Amazon PPC is a type of advertising that lets you showcase your products and increase sales. Under this marketing model, you’ll ‘bid and buy’ visibility for your products at prominent places on Amazon’s search pages.


Amazon PPC is a powerful advertising option in e-commerce; each month, more than 197 million people globally visit Amazon, and Amazon sells more than 2 million products. 


Amazon PPC Draws Shoppers’ Attention to Your Products and Makes them Stand Out


One benefit of Amazon PPC is that your ads display prominently on Amazon search pages. This gives your products a huge advantage over competitors and attracts high-intent shoppers. Amazon offers three types of ads:


  • Amazon sponsored brand ads help optimize your brand’s visibility among Amazon visitors shopping for products similar to yours.
  • Amazon sponsored display ads have the advantage of being displayed on the Amazon platform and on third-party websites and apps whose products match yours.
  • Amazon sponsored product ads promote individual listings and target ready-to-buy customers looking for products similar to yours.


Conversion Rates for Amazon PPC Are High


Using PPC ads on a platform where ready-to-purchase visitors exist means you have the opportunity of higher conversions. About 66% of online consumers begin their search for a new product directly on Amazon, and 74% go to Amazon if they want to purchase a specific product. The conversion rate on Amazon is high – about 10%. Other digital platforms have an average conversion rate of 1.33%.


PPC Ads Boost Your Organic Rankings


Your organic rankings can gain a huge boost by employing a successful Amazon PPC strategy. This is because Amazon ranks these products for the top slot, thus increasing the likelihood of purchase. Amazon ranking algorithms consider several factors, including sales and reviews.


You Only Pay When Someone Clicks on Your Ad


Amazon PPC does not require you to pay activation or subscription fees. Impressions are free, too. You only pay when a visitor clicks on your ads. This billing method gives you full control over your Amazon PPC campaigns, and you can successfully carry them out even on a low budget.


The Bottom Line


Yes, Amazon PPC is worth it. But the competition is hard, and to carry out a successful campaign requires in-depth expertise on how Amazon PPC works. Therefore, we strongly recommend hiring an Amazon PPC specialist to help you take full advantage of the marketing opportunity provided by the amazing Amazon PPC platform.




What is the conversion rate for Amazon PPC?

There’s a PPC conversion rate of 9.47% on Amazon, whereas other websites offer a measly 1.33%.


How do Amazon PPC ads help me find customers?

They give you more exposure for your products and catch the attention of browsing customers.


How does Amazon PPC improve my organic ranking?

By running Amazon PPC ads, you drive a lot of traffic to your listing, get visitors to buy your product and collect your first reviews.


How much does Amazon PPC cost?

You pay neither an activation fee nor a subscription fee and can start with a few dollars.

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