How to Recognize a Good Client?

Posted: August 14

Have you heard these words: the client is always right? Guess what – this is not the ultimate truth.

A few weeks ago, we posted a short guideline on choosing the appropriate agency as your trusted Amazon partner. Now, it’s time to see the other side of the moon.


How to recognize a good client?


Verify your future partner

The agency owner has the same responsibility as the client who verifies the agency. Knowing more about the client’s brand, potential, goals, and expectations is essential.


Your potential client understands the market and its rules;

We live in a hectic time, and the market is constantly changing. The 21st century, especially the last few years, is highly insecure in world economics. Businesses are affected the most, and you must ensure that your client understands and can handle the changes beyond his control.


He avoids black-hat strategies;

If you choose a toxic brand without strict operations and try to use black-hat tactics, you risk your own business and reputation. Losing the client could be the slightest problem. The e-commerce market is enormous, and you have to prove your expertise. The last things you need are restricted accounts and gossip that you are managing suspicious businesses.


You have synergy in communication;

Yes, your client’s business might have a lot of potential. But if both sides, or even one of them, can’t communicate all the goals, strategies, and issues clearly, your partnership won’t last long. A person who is hard to find and replies to your questions from time to time for a long time only damages the business and is not worth the effort.


Business ethics is a top priority;

Communication is key to every successful relationship, but we shouldn’t forget that it requires respect and loyalty. If your client is open to discussing your ideas and planning for the brand’s growth, you know this partnership is worth the time and effort. Keeping confidentiality about your work and agreements is also crucial.


As we mentioned before, saying YES to every client is dangerous. It shows you are desperate and you don’t mind managing unhealthy relationships. Finding the client who aligns with your mindset and workflow is a matter of time. It’s not a sprint. We run for the marathon.

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