How To Get More Product Reviews

Posted: Sep 7

For as far as we can remember humans have been social creatures. We seek the connection and approval of those around us.
This is why it’s no surprise that Social proof is the most effective way to generate sales.


In the next rows, I am going to share a way to gather more product reviews. And how to collect them in a personalized manner.


With the help of softwares like Sellerboard, you can send review requests with custom rules that you create. Including personalized texts and images.


Here are a couple of examples:

  • You can create a unique letter template for each product.
  • You can pick the audience to receive the request. You can address it to the newest buyers, or to customers from FBA orders only. Or you can exclude people who have left negative feedback before.
  • You can diversify your audience by approaching different markets in their local language.


On top of that, inserting custom placeholders gives you numerous possibilities to make your request one of a kind. Grab the recipient’s attention by inserting {CustomerName} or {Product}. And make their experience more convenient by adding the {OrderID}, or the {ASIN} placeholders.


If a customer feels valued by your brand, they’ll come back faster and will even bring a friend.


Don’t forget that Amazon has guidelines that you should follow. I’ll leave a link in the comments – go check them out.


How important are the product reviews for you? How do you gather them?

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