How to Get More External Traffic for Your Amazon Business?

Posted: Feb 18

There are many examples of brands that work like closed systems and don’t encourage external traffic. Apple and LinkedIn are the first two popping into my head.

Amazon breaks that rule. By launching programs like the Brand Referral Bonus and Attribution, the platform proves that external traffic is essential.

In the following paragraphs, I will mention a few external channels you can use to expand your audience and revenue.


  • Google indexing is an excellent resource to increase your rankings and external traffic. Press releases directing to your Amazon listings are strategic moves that convert many new people. Shane Oglow could expand my thoughts on supplementing your Amazon rankings with PR.
  • Facebook Groups created to meet people’s specific needs via your products are free and effective ways to steer new followers to Amazon. Organic engagement is still one of the best methods to build a solid and loyal community for your brand.
  • Pinterest is one more opportunity you can consider. If you can create high-quality designs and images of your products, this platform could be a game-changer. It’s a visual-based inspirational asset for over 450 million people worldwide. My friends Marie O’Shea and Matt Parker are some of the best experts on Pinterest to Amazon traffic.
  • AMPD, created by Dan Ashburn and his team, is a creative and fast way to maximize your Google ads through an artificial intelligence system. It eliminates 90% of the manual work and covers the process of launching and managing your Google ads campaigns. One of AMPD’s most significant advantages is its access to Amazon’s Attribution API and Brand Referral Bonus links. This way, you can track all your data on the platform.
  • We shouldn’t miss working with social media influencers. They have a lot of loyal followers who can easily become a part of your audience, too.  


External traffic can be a great way to boost your brand. It is definitely encouraged but in most cases, your main focus should still remain on Amazon PPC and keyword ranking.

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