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How to Decrease Amazon Taxes?

Posted: Jan 22

Fees. They are an integral part of every seller’s costs. Depending on your product’s price and category, referral fees usually at 15% might vary from 8% to 45% per unit.

Is there any way to decrease these Amazon taxes? Yes. In some cases, you can change your product’s general ledger (GL).

Let’s take a deeper look at Amazon’s product categories and their specifications:

Browse node/ path category

This is the category, where Amazon defines all your keywords and keyword rankings. Your products match your competitors’ products, and your listings appear on each other. Changing the browse path to an inappropriate one will hurt your keyword rankings, but it doesn’t define your fees.

Feed type category

You can find this category type in your flat files, and it defines the attributes your PDP can have. Feed type category is essential for your products’ variation themes. Changing it can give you access to a three-level variation or different two-level variations.

General ledger category

This is the general category of your product and where Amazon defines your fees (referral, closing/variable and other fees). Switching between GL categories is not easy, but it is worth the effort. You will need the help of Amazon Seller/Brand support and another GL category that actually fits your product.

If you offer a product in the All Electronics category, you pay a 15% referral fee, compared with 12% for the Industrial and Scientific. Changing your GL category saves you 3% of the revenue. This way, we increased one of our clients’ monthly profits by $15 000, without spending extra budget on anything.

Bear in mind that this procedure is a bit different for the EU, the USA, and the UK.

Changing your product’s general category can make a visible difference in your bottom line. It only needs your patience and several calls with the Amazon Seller support team.

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