How to Deal With Listing Suspensions Caused by Pricing Errors?

Posted: Feb 23

Suspended listing. One of the worst scenarios for every Amazon Seller. It leads to a significant decrease in profits and catastrophe in your advertising strategy.

There can be plenty of reasons for this issue, including potential low/high pricing errors. In other words, the algorithm can detect and deactivate your listings if they are less/more than the min./max. price parameters on the platform. 

We recently had this issue that took us 2 days to receive a solution from Amazon internal team. This problem cost us over $4,000 in lost profits. 

Before moving forward with the solution, let’s take a look at how your ASIN’s final price tag is compiled: 

  • Your regular price
  • FBA fees
  • Referral fees 

If you have set pricing automation rules in the past, you already have set the minimum and maximum prices. If you aren’t aware of the “hidden” rules, this can cause an error in the future. Make sure to set your minimum price by calculating your regular price minus the total FBA and referral fees for the product. 

Here is a simple example of how this works: 

Let’s say the Sale price and your set minimum price for a particular ASIN is $25. The FBA fee for the category is $3.54, and the referral fee is $3.75. Based on the formula above, the minimum net proceeds of the product has to be: $25 (your price average) – $3.54 (FBA fee) – $3.75 (referral fee) = $17.71. 

But what if you enter both the minimum and sale price to be $25?

To solve this issue and avoid suspension from Amazon, you have two options.

Either you will have to:

  • Increase your sale price to $32.29 ($25+$3.75+$3.54) or
  • Set a new minimum price of $17.71 ($25-$3.75-$3.54). 

Always pay attention to these details if you don’t want to risk weeks and months of hard work because of negligence. 

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