How to Choose The Right Amazon Agency

Posted: July 12

It’s great that we discuss Amazon specifics, such as PPC, performance metrics, and new features. But all the above is relevant mainly when you are already in the big game. 

If you are lucky to have previous experience in e-commerce, you might try to start out your business by yourself. There is a slight chance of dealing with the processes alone.

In most cases, you will need a good agency for full account management to cover your back. 

As an agency owner myself, I think it’s helpful to give you my 2 cents on how to choose the right company for your business:

Make sure the agency has a proper team structure. 

From day 1, you will realize that account management leads to countless responsibilities. Whomever you choose to take care of your brand, you should count on: 


  • a team responsible for the technical issues;
  • a team or person who is doing the heavy lifting for PPC; 
  • a dedicated account executive responsible for the overall strategy and growth of your account; 

I wouldn’t choose an agency where only 1 or 2 people work on dozens of brands. In those cases, mistakes would be a rule, not an exception. 

Let experience talk.

Be honest. We don’t trust people without any or with minimal experience in managing Amazon accounts. To provide an excellent service and handle different and difficult edge cases, you usually need at least 1 year full-time in that position. 

Sometimes big agencies with a lot of combined experience could also not be the best choice. As they grow and become “corporate”, they start to focus mainly on processes and numbers. We should remember that emotional involvement creates stronger partnerships. As a client, you shouldn’t be a statistic in their books. 

Do they have the capacity for my business needs?

Depending on your current aims, ensure the agency can work with your brand. Action steps are very different for new businesses and big companies with over 8 figures in yearly revenue. 

Avoid agencies that say “yes” to every client. It might be a sign of little experience, desperation to get clients or chaotic business strategy.

My number one tip: search for “click” with the Founders! If you feel the synergy, most likely, you will find the way to a successful partnership! 

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