Helium10: Evaluating Account's Performance

Posted: December 12

What is one of the most common struggles for a new Seller on Amazon? If you say to find the appropriate keywords that fit consumers’ needs – you would be right!

But I would choose their need for affordable software to combine multiple Amazon tools in one place.

Just like Helium 10 (H10).

Helium 10 is one of the first all-in-one Amazon software to help new and advanced sellers to build and upscale their businesses.

If you are a new Seller, you have the Product Research tools, such as:

  • Chrome extension that analyzes product viability, 
  • Black Box tool to identify products to sell,
  • Trendster to measure seasonality,
  • and the X-Ray tool, which is the all-in-one research tool. 

What we mostly use from H10 are the Keyword research tools.

  • Cerebro helps us to find KWs via ASIN,
  • and Magnet finds KWs opportunities.

We also count on the Listing creation tools like Scribbles and the Keyword Tracker as a part of H10’s Analytics. Operational tools are also a great addition; we use the Alerts to monitor listings for changes.

Helium 10 is a must-have for most Sellers. It’s beneficial if you want to do detailed market research or estimate the revenue and search volumes. Our clients only need to subscribe to the Keyword Tracker, and we do the rest through our agency account.

It’s a huge advantage you can work with one account simultaneously.

Another great news is that you only have to pay $224.10 per month to access the Diamond plan and all the tools in the software. They are enough to manage all your Amazon strategies and goals. Even if you choose the cheaper Platinium plan, which is $89.10, you get all the tools needed except the Ads software capabilities.

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