Easiest way to launch new products

Posted: Nov 16

Have you wondered what is the easiest way to launch new products?

Increase their selection by creating more levels of variation.

If you have a really good product, your goal is to shut in the traffic there. This particular product could give you many options to expand your business. You can create different colors, designs, themes, different sizes, lengths, scents, flavors, or different quantities.

Why do that:

  • When customers can pick from a bigger assortment, that would increase your conversions.
  • You will have more happy customers who won’t leave your product detail page because you don’t have different options for them to choose from.
  • When your variation grows, every child-ASIN with a different attribute is starting to index on more keywords. This is how you get more traffic.


You might also want to multiply the units in a box. Especially when you are offering giftable products or noticing that people often purchase multiple units. This is your 2nd level variation.

In this case, people will buy a box with 2,4, or 6 units, in a certain color/style, which could be used as a gift. They will buy at a lower price than buying them separately.


Again, you have happy customers and higher profits because the FBA fees are usually smaller for 1 product of 4 units than 4 products of 1 unit.


In some sub-categories, you can create a 3rd level variation. So, you can have a particular product in a particular color, a particular size, and for a particular quantity. You have to play a lot with the flat files, but that way, you create a super variation.


And super-profits!

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