Dive Deep Into Data With Data Dive

Posted: May 02

Sellers, do you like Diving? And most specifically, diving into essential Data. I do! If we are at the same club, most likely you prefer doing it through Data Dive.


What is Data Dive?


One of the fastest-growing SaaS solutions for Amazon Sellers and Agencies. For less than a year, it has had over 2000 paid users. 


What we use Data Dive for:


Keywords Research

Data Dive helps us to conduct in-depth keyword (KW) research.

The tool is connected with Cerebro (Helium10) and shows us popular KWs among buyers. But not overly competitive.

We optimize our clients’ listings and increase their chances of ranking higher in Amazon search results.

Product research (and marketplaces)

The tool provides access to data from different Amazon marketplace countries.


A great benefit is that we can analyze the performance of our clients’ products across multiple countries. It is easier to make more informed decisions about expanding your business.

or start selling on Amazon.

Listing optimization and niche evaluation

Before we launch a new product, we evaluate the niche it belongs to. In-depth knowledge and listing optimization are crucial for the overall performance of the brand. This is why we:


  • compare listings, prices, and KWs with our partners’ competitors,

  • analyze organic and advertising ranking, SEO strength, wording and optimization of listing titles, bullet points, and KWs’ juicy score vs. competitors’,

  • improve product visibility and increase the chances of making sales.

Project/team management

Data Dive is a tool our Ads team uses daily because of its detailed and valuable data collected in one place. It saves a lot of time in navigating between different dashboards and sheets.

It’s affordable for the wide area of quality, detailed, and useful tools. Starting at $49 per month, Data Dive can help you boost your Amazon business. You can also use the “AMZBEES” promo code for $50 off! 


Data-driven decisions to improve sales performance and save time ( effort, and budget) are crucial for each seller and agency.

Data Dive can give you both.

Interested in conquering Amazon together?


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