Deals of Q4

Posted: Oct 25

Time flies. We are already in Q4, and it’s that time of the year when buyers are looking for the perfect deal.


Cyber Monday and Black Friday are knocking on the door but are we prepared enough to give the wave of customers the best sale? Here are a few steps we follow for achieving our clients’ milestones:


Create Prime-exclusive discounts


Prime-exclusive discounts are highly recommended for widespread products. In this period, people buy them only with discounts. But you have to create them now because Amazon wouldn’t allow you to do it later.


If you are selling a very niche product, most probably you don’t have to create discounts. Your product is specific enough to perform well without an extra push.


Combine the prime exclusive discounts and the lightning deals

This combination allows you to get the benefits of a lightning deal and still get the benefits of the Prime-exclusive discount. Thanks to the lightning deal, you can use the influx of traffic from the deals page.


We will have limited quantities for the lightning deal because too many units usually hurt the performance and visibility. Fewer units will allow us to run out of stock for the Deal thus gaining better conversion as buyers begin to have FOMO because they see the % of stock left for the deal.


Important to add is that Amazon automatically stops the Prime-exclusive discount an hour before the lightning deal, so the discounts do not go on top of each other.


Prepare your PPC campaign structure on time


If you decide to create or drastically change your PPC structure for Q4, better do it in the summer.


Campaigns need time to adjust and gather data. It’s crucial to do optimizations week-to-week, looking at the data and increasing conversion rates. Also, we increase the budgets a lot but we do it slowly as we want to be sure we have enough ad budgets on the deal dates.


Bear in mind, a week before Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you can expect fewer sales but more traffic. During this period, people are putting products in their carts until the exact time of discounts.

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