Building your brand with Amazon posts

Posted: Apr 19

Amazon is not just PDP optimization and PPC. Your business is not dependent on only bulk uploads, flat files, or external and internal traffic. If you want to hit Top-of-search performance and high revenue, you must first build a trustworthy brand. 

One of the best and FREE ways to do it is by Amazon posts. It’s an incredible opportunity for registered brands to share valuable and eye-catching content. Compared with a few years ago, now we can see how a post performs in clicks for your store, detail page, and new followers. 

How do we use Amazon posts: 


  • On most of our clients’ accounts, we post 5 or 7 times per week. The amount of traffic for every post is different, and you can’t expect stunning results immediately. What is essential is that every post gains new followers and clicks to your storefront and detail page together with loyal customers. 
  • We count on eye-catching visuals and aesthetic captions. It depends on the niche, but we noticed that an image of a smiling face or beautiful woman is performing much better than a stand-alone product. 
  • When it comes to keywords, we use them when we know that the A9 algorithm could detect them and help the post appear on some relevant competitors’ pages. 


From a long-term perspective, every post could be a key aspect of building a trustworthy brand and effective ASIN defense strategy, too. 

As Liran Hirschkorn says in one of his latest posts, Amazon posts and videos are becoming an essential part of a well-polished advertising strategy. And from what we see, the platform is preparing more updates in the future.

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