Bringing Back Potential Customers - Retargeting on Amazon

Posted: Feb 28

Are you frustrated by customers who look at your product but forget to add it to the cart?

The good news is that this is not the last call for the perfect deal. If you are a Brand-registered Seller, Amazon gives you the power of retargeting ads. 


They help you to chase interested but reluctant customers and increase your conversions and profits. 


You can use retargeting ad campaigns when you offer seasonal and non-seasonal products. Here is how they can improve your strategy: 

  • When you sell seasonal products retargeting ads affect the bottom of the buying funnel – the decision stage. People know that they want that type of product, and you encourage and convince them to buy yours. 
  • For non-seasonal products, retargeting ads includes each stage of the marketing funnel – from awareness to decision one. 
  • You can test different periods for your ads and choose the best one depending on your campaign’s goals. If using Sponsored Display, your only option is 30 days campaigns, but DSP offers different varieties. 
  • When you sell consumable products it is essential to retarget your customers, not only to use the lookback opportunity.


For the lookback, the type of product is not important. The opposite is true for the reusable ones.  


I think the most optimal time for retargeting ads is 7 days. This way, there is a chance for consumers to be still researching for their best deal. 


Retargeting campaigns should definitely be a part of a long-term strategy, but they shouldn’t be overused. Launched at the wrong time, they could badly affect your TACoS. 

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