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Posted: October 12

Last month was full of valuable events! SURGE Summit in Tampa, Florida, and Sale+Scale in Vegas gave us the last summer vibes and closed Q3 best. While networking, Amazon launched several updates and new features to prepare us for Q4.


Let’s take a look at what September brings to the table:


Quality translations from Amazon Ads localization services

This new feature aims to help brands expand in different locales by translating text and video content. You can use it for your Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, and Sponsored Display campaigns, as well as content for Stores, Posts, or Product Detail Pages (PDPs).

Creative editing for Sponsored Brand video campaigns created with Ad Group

Now, Sellers and Vendors will be able to edit a live campaign without needing to re-create a new one. You won’t lose any historical data and information collected on the live campaign. Advertisers can change the videos for new campaigns that link to a PDP and logos, videos, headlines, and products for those that link to a brand Store.

Bulk cloning of non-guaranteed line items via Amazon DSP

This new functionality allows you to copy and/or clone more than one non-guaranteed line item at a time. It’s available from the line item grid view as long as the line is active or has ended within 5 days. The newly copied and/or cloned line item inherits its original name and includes a ‘copy’ suffix for easy identification.

A gross and invalid traffic report in the Advertising console

This report lets you view metrics like gross and invalid impressions, invalid impression rate, gross and invalid clicks, etc. It can be created and downloaded for Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display campaigns.

Tailored audiences in beta for more customer engagement

Another Amazon push for brands is access to email marketing metrics and campaigns. Sellers will be able to send free emails to recent shoppers, repeat customers, and their biggest spenders. The feature is in testing until 2023 when it will be available for all the US brands.

Subscribe and Save audiences in DSP

This significant update on DSP builds an audience of customers with active subscriptions for particular products. This addition would be a considerable helper when you want to target the right audience.

Sponsored product campaigns with presets

If you create a Sponsored Product campaign with presets, you’ll be able to see an opportunity card with a list of up to 10 products that are a good option for advertising. The products on the list are only new (launched 90 days ago or less) and are selected based on their sales potential.

What solid support for Q4 and all the upcoming events! What are your thoughts on the list, and which one of those features do you already use?

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