Amazon October news

Posted: Nov 2

The last month was hectic. The Q4 and its upcoming events are on fire. Amazon isn’t resting as well, and all the new features and improvements are proof of that.


Here are some of them launched in October:


Opportunity Explorer


One of the features I am most excited about.


It allows you to explore customers’ demands and to understand their needs better. As a result, sellers can create custom campaigns based on buyers’ behavior.


Diagnostic tool in Sponsored Products


A very useful tool to help you to troubleshoot the issues in your ads and campaigns by yourself. The new feature gives recommendations and solutions for common problems we can handle without Amazon’s support.


New mobile shopping feature


This new feature is a huge relief for all Prime members who want to send gifts to their friends. All you need is just the mobile number or email address of the recipient and your mobile device to send the present. No address needed!


Purchases remarketing


Crucial expansion of Sponsored Display’s custom-built audiences. Like Opportunity Explorer, it gives you the ability to reach customers based on their past purchase behaviors on Amazon.


We also have a 30-days lookback window for both views and purchases remarketing audiences.


Amazon Attribution into the Amazon ads console


By using the Amazon Attribution you can easily access a user-friendly dashboard for tracking your reports. A huge plus is we can download all the Amazon Attribution tags into one file. It will save a lot of time in working on a campaign-by-campaign basis.


Thanks to Amazon it becomes easier to expand brands, but we have to be agile enough to adapt to the changes in our strategies.

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