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Posted: November 2

All the Marvel heroes are Amazon developers.

This is the only way we can explain more than 20 new feature launches for October ’22.

Most of them were announced at the unBoxed event and deserve a separate post.


First things first. Let’s start with the new updates released before the event:


Amazon Seller Wallet – the new payment solution
The new feature allows you to view, hold, convert and transfer your funds from selling on Amazon to your local bank accounts.


Currently, the Amazon Seller Wallet is available only for US Sellers.

New names for 20 off-Amazon conversion metrics in Amazon DSP
These 20 metrics were categorized as “pixel metrics.” They include conversions from pixel-based tracking.

Second release for enhanced creative policy guardrails
Amazon DSP launched a creative policy guardrails program to reduce creative moderation rejections. They could be through policy changes, product changes, and moderation automation.

The main focus is the creative policy moderation for Image and Responsive eCommerce Creative (REC) ads. In particular, regarding spelling, grammar, font size, and call-to-action formatting.


Quick analysis of campaign management tables with time unit reporting
Campaign management tables are essential. They help advertisers by delivering performance information at all line item levels. Amazon has launched a time breakdown that will appear as nested rows under orders and line items in the campaign management table.

The new view is available in Amazon DSP.

Campaign copy for more exposure and brand awareness
Advertisers can copy campaign settings from an existing Sponsored Products campaign and apply them to a new Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display campaign.

This will increase product exposure, awareness, and PDP views.

A new paid feature (beta) in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to measure the impact of advertising on vehicle purchases
Automotive advertisers can now subscribe to Experian Vehicle Purchase Insights. They can better understand buying behavior and learn how to reach new audiences.

Currently, the tool is offered as a monthly subscription, allowing advertisers to select which vehicle brands to include.

Amazon DSP change history UI feature
This feature enables customers to connect changes to observed performance variations. It will help Amazon Sellers better pinpoint the root causes of changes to delivery and performance.

These are only the first updates for October. Our next blog post will mention the unBoxed announced features.

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