Amazon November news

Posted: Dec 2

2021 is passing so incredibly fast. We are already in December when the Christmas holidays are just around the corner.


Before facing the Christmas spirit, it’s time to look back at November and the updates launched by Amazon.


Even though it was launched on the 26th of October, Brand Metrics deserves first place in the monthly review. The feature is available on the Ad Console in the BETA version.


It is a crucial new solution that quantifies opportunities for your brand at each stage of the customer’s journey in Amazon’s store. Brand metrics measure all shopping engagements, not only the ad-attributed ones.


Manage your customer engagement (MYCE) is an incredible new BETA feature.


It allows you to market directly to Amazon customers who follow your brand. This way, you increase the visibility of your new products and build loyal relationships with your customers.


Available to registered Brands, MYCE supports only product announcements at the moment.


Launched at the very end of September, Sponsored Display’s new-to-brand metrics have a new addition.


New-to-brand metrics allow you to measure product orders and sales generated from your first-time customers. All the data you get is essential for optimizing your active campaigns and planning your future strategies.


What is new in November is that you can have better visibility into more than 100 campaign reporting metrics. Brands will also know exactly where their marketing budget is going towards due to the vast number of performance metrics.


Sponsored Display audiences expand the custom lookback windows


The lookback windows are expanded for both views and purchases remarketing audiences. For views remarketing, you can select 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days. For the purchases remarketing, you can choose 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days.

A few more important Advertising updates in the Ad Console:

  • ROAS based bidding
  • Sponsored Brands bid optimization for new-to-brand customers
  • Forecast impression share and impression rank
  • Automated keyword translating directly in the Ad Console

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