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Posted: December 5

The end of the year is around the corner. We are counting the last weeks of 2023, prepared for the Holidays shopping spree. As always, Amazon has helped our e-commerce community with another bunch of new releases and updates.


Let’s take a closer look at November’s new features:


Amazon DSP launches delivery troubleshooting

It’s an excellent way for self-service Amazon DSP customers to identify and understand the under-delivery issues for deal inventory.

The feature includes:

  • The demand and supply side reasons for missed bids, organized in a campaign management table.
  • Deal and breakdown nested rows under orders and line items in the campaign management table.
  • Deal Opportunities Insight Card placed above campaign management table.


Account transparency log to track advertising changes and see account activity
An essential new security page that provides a list of sensitive actions taken on an account via the advertising console. It also shows the username responsible for the change. This way, account admins will know which user handles changes to the account for security, audit, and compliance purposes.

Shutterstock images in Amazon Ads for free
Finding the perfect asset is much easier now, thanks to this collaboration. Amazon advertisers have easy and free access to Shutterstock’s library of 390+ million high-quality images. Enhancing brand presence hit a new level.

Automated report setup in the Marketing mix models (MMM) application
Now, the MMM feed is much simpler thanks to automating and including brand, product, and campaign selection in the Ads console.
MMM is a return on investment (ROI) analysis used by marketers to determine sales impact from each marketing channel and publisher.

Sponsored Display expands to Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market online stores
The feature allows Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market vendors to create, launch, and manage Sponsored Display campaigns. Previously, Sponsored Display was only available for advertisers with products on Amazon(dot)com.

Sponsored Display (SD) forecasting for impressions
Impression forecasting is available for SD campaigns with contextual targeting and Amazon audiences. Now advertisers can get the minimum and maximum range of available impressions inventory. They can select advertised products, optimization types, targeting, and bid values.

Advertisers can create

  • performing campaigns,
  •  understand scale by testing the campaign setup,
  • and forecast an investment’s output before they get started.

The feature is available via Amazon Ads API only for registered sellers.


Well played, November! I can’t wait to see what December keeps in its pocket!


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