Amazon Monthly Report March 2023

Posted: April 04

The first quarter of 2023 is already over. Time flies in the blink of an eye, and it’s time to see what Amazon put on the new features table.


Amazon DSP expanded error alerts


The new update will help traders to improve their experience while building campaigns on DSP.


They will be alerted when a line item’s settings are invalid and will prevent it from delivering the budget. The alerts will show when you try to save a line.


The expansion is available with both Amazon DSP and Amazon Ads API.


Fire TV display ads launch Screensaver in several European countries


The new feature allows Fire TV app developers, Prime Video Channels, Prime Video Direct publishers, and film distributors to display ad campaigns on Screensaver placement on Fire TV.


Advertisers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom can experience full-screen ad placements.


Sponsored Display datasets are available globally in Amazon Marketing Stream (BETA)


The datasets expansion covers all countries currently supported by the Amazon Ads API.


Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) supports flexible store visit insights


Advertisers can now subscribe to Foursquare Store Visit Insights, a new Paid Feature (beta) in (AMC) and measure:


  • the impact of their advertising on select brick-and-mortar stores in the US,


  • understand cross-channel shopping journeys,


  • and discerning audiences with different engagement patterns both online and offline.


Branded experiences with Alexa (open BETA)


Amazon Ads is making it easier for customers to proactively interact with the brands they love by using their voice, screen tap, or remote via Alexa-enabled devices.


At the same time, brands engage with their audiences in creative ways in the connected home.


Amazon shows the number of orders on the products’ pages


A new update from March is the ability to see the number of orders of a particular product for the past month.


Important information for customers and competitors is available without using any custom tool.


FBA inventory evaluation settings (in BETA)


Your FBA inventory is evaluated into a sellable or unsellable condition by default.


It happens when a customer returns an item or your inventory is marked as damaged in an Amazon fulfillment center.


With the new update, when you disable returns evaluation for your FBA inventory, Amazon will no longer evaluate your customer returns. They will be marked as defective and will not be eligible for reimbursements if damaged.


N:B! Inventory evaluation settings are accessible only by Amazon invitation at the moment.

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