Amazon May news

Posted: June 6

It’s the beginning of June and guess what it means? It’s time for the monthly Amazon features report. Compared to April, May is not so crowded with updates but still deserves attention. 


What’s new?


Expanded metrics for Sponsored Display’s reach campaigns (vCPM) 

Now advertisers will see click-based attribution when accessing reports within the Ads Console and Amazon Ads API. This update will help both vendors and registered sellers to further analyze the impact of their awareness campaigns. They will understand which sales were generated from either views or clicks. 


Sponsored Display bids recommendation expanded in new regions 

Suggested bids are now available in Australia, India, Mexico, and the Netherlands. They will be provided for Sponsored display views remarketing and product targeting campaigns. You can access this update within both Amazon Ads Console and API. 


New Sponsored Brands report in BETA version

The Attributed Purchases report is a new BETA report. It shows the purchased products from your Sponsored Brands Campaigns. 


New operations column in bulk files

The new column is a huge relief when talking about the processing time for large accounts. Now, when you want to make changes in your campaigns, Amazon shouldn’t scan the whole bulk upload to detect what is different. You can use “update,” “create,” or “archive” commands to specify the particular action in the raw in your bulk file where you want to make changes. 


@Elizabeth Greene, as the biggest fan of bulks, has a great video on that topic. You can find it on her profile. 


Sponsored Brands video ads on streaming

You can now show your video ads before, during, and after streaming TV content on devices such as Fire TV. 

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