Amazon March news

Posted: Apr 4

It is the end of Q1, and as the final month of the trio, March is more than rich in new Amazon features and updates. 

Let’s have a look at some of them: 


New campaign creation process 

With this change, you will have to choose your bidding strategy and campaign name at the end of the process of creating a new campaign. 

New addition to Product Opportunity Explorer

Amazon launches Trends Dashboard, where you can see the trend of a particular niche over the last year in 7-day periods. You can have information about the Sales Volume, Search Conversion Rate, Product Count, and Average Price. 

Sponsored Display launches matched target reporting in the Amazon Ads API 

The match target report is valuable for both Sellers and Vendors registered in Amazon Brand Registry. It helps advertisers dive deep into performance based on the product detail page where the ad is displayed. You have data about the ASINs, and related product detail pages your ads appeared on, resulting in at least one click. 

Sponsored Brands launches new-to-brand and detail page views metrics for video 

This metric gives you the number of first-time purchases for promoted products within the brand over a one-year lookback period. Both Sellers and Vendors registered in Amazon Brand Registry have total new-to-brand purchases and sales, new-to-brand purchase rate, and cost per new-to-brand customer data.  

These new metrics are available for campaign, ad group, target, and ad reports. 

Sponsored Brands, Stores, and Amazon DSP launches in Turkey

For Turkey, Sponsored Brands and Stores are available for both Sellers and Vendors via Advertising Console and Amazon Ads API. Advertisers can access DSP via Amazon DSP. If you are interested in launching your first DSP campaign, contact the Amazon Ads Sales team for instructions. 

Bulk files updates

Except for the cosmetic changes on bulk files, now you can see the Click-through rates numbers between Spend and Clicks. Before this update, it was possible to calculate them only manually. 

New report updates for both mobile and desktop sessions

This is a significant impact for Sellers who can have clear and detailed information about their customers’ shopping through mobile. It’s an excellent opportunity to optimize product listings and strategies based on accurate data. 

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