Amazon February News?

Posted: Mar 6

Although February is the shortest month of the year, Amazon still surprised us with new features and updates. 


Let’s hop into the most interesting ones! 


Suggested bids for Sponsored Display vCPM-based campaigns 


The new feature is provided for Sponsored Display views remarketing and product targeting campaigns. It would replace the guesswork when selecting a bid for these campaigns. Bid recommendations are bid range and suggested bid, and they are calculated by analyzing a group of winning bids for similar or recent ads within your category. 


The feature is available in the Ads Console and Amazon Advertising API for vendors and registered sellers. 


Sponsored Display budget rules are now available within Ads Console globally 


Advertisers can set a campaign budget in advance by using schedule-based rules or performance-based rules. Budget rules save significant amounts of time in manual efforts in adjusting budgets. Using these rules, you avoid running out of budget at any time. 


New creative services in BETA version 


This feature isn’t still available in every Amazon region. it is a great way to connect brands and creative creators. You can filter your choice for Sponsored Brand Video or Store, by country, language, customers reviews, etc. 


Use bulk sheets for launching new campaigns in Sponsored Display within the Ad Console


Even though this is new from the last day of January, it deserves its place. I had a few posts about bulks, and it’s incredible to see their increasing importance. With this update, you can create and optimize sponsored ads campaigns at scale. You will always see performance metrics such as CPC and ROAS. 


Multiple ad groups for Sponsored Display is a beneficial update that could help you better structure your campaigns and budgets. Both Vendors and Sellers can use these groups to organize their ads based on brand, category, price range, etc. 


Budget percentage usage is available in Amazon Ads API


Both Sellers and Vendors worldwide can pull out their budget percentage usage in real-time. They can do it for Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products using the Amazon Ads API. The feature is new and helps you understand how fast your portfolios and campaigns spend budgets daily. 

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