Amazon February News

Posted: March 02

Regardless February has only 28 days, Amazon doesn’t care about these little details.


It gives enough new tools and updates to explore for this shorter period to improve your e-commerce presence.


Here are the February improvements:


Re-create Sponsored Display campaigns via new campaign copy


Sponsor Display copy is also available for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. Now, you can re-create SD campaigns by using either audiences or contextual targeting.


Seamless and organized creative building with new step-by-step controls


Multi-level panels are almost fully redesigned in Sponsored Brands Creative Builder. The new interface simplifies the Creative Builder experience. It provides a clear hierarchy that is consistent across all ad formats.


They are available for all Sponsored Brands ad formats including:


  • Product Collection,

  • Store Spotlight,

  • Video and

  • Author Collection


Omnichannel Metrics and automated budget optimization united in Amazon DSP


This update is in its BETA version. Аdvertisers can automate budget optimization for the total impact of their campaigns. They can do it inclusive of both online and offline sales, on and off Amazon.


The new feature gives advertisers a comprehensive, actionable, and durable measurement solution.


Amazon Video Ads Certification on the learning console


The new Amazon Video Ads Certification is available for free in the learning console. It offers a curated learning path to help advertisers build video ads strategies and measure campaign impact. The video ads knowledge is validated with an Amazon Ads Certification assessment.


What’s the most existing new feature for your brand? Let us know below and feel free to share this blog post with your audience!


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