Amazon August News

Posted: September 1

It’s been a year and over 50 new Amazon features since we started our monthly updates trend.

There is no holiday season for the platform, so let’s dive deep into August ’22 and find out what’s hidden in the box of surprises:

A significant change in Amazon Reviews
The update changes what your customers will see first when they open the PDP (product detail page). They will notice recent reviews in the first place, not those from a few years ago. This is an excellent reason to improve your product constantly.

Amazing Premium A+ content launched on Seller Central
Access to the new feature is granted at the end of every month, but you must cover a couple of criteria:

  • all of the ASINs in your catalogue must contain a published A+ Brand Story;
  • you must have at least 15 A+ Content project submissions in “Approved” status within the past 12 months;

Brands can now use Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC);
Generate combined, aggregated, and anonymized advertising and shopping insights for the products you advertise through Amazon Ads. Currently, it is offered as a monthly subscription, and you can utilize the insights to:

  • gain a richer perspective on shopping trends;
  • obtain a more holistic view of brand engagement;
  • understand the indirect impact of ads and shopping engagement;

At the moment, it is available only for US users.

A game-changing breakthrough in Amazon Attribution for Google Ads
Amazon and collaborated on a huge structural change to the Amazon catalogue. Now you can be sure that only your products would be visible to people redirected from your external traffic efforts. 

Amazon Ads update
We currently noticed many new metrics on some of our clients’ video campaigns off Amazon, such as:

  • add to cart
  • viewable impressions
    new-to-brand reach and
  • new-to-brand detail page views, and many more

Sponsored Brand Headline suggestions
This update is a big relief for advertisers because it recommends several headline copies for your campaigns.

Search stock assets available on Ads Console
One more great update you can find in your Creative assets that will save you much time. You can search for and add stock images directly in the Advertising Console to promote your product.

Search Query Performance (SQP) update
Exciting news for your ASINs. Now, the SQP can show the top search queries for a specific ASIN, up to 1000! This update will help you get detailed information about your ASINs’ performance and separate all the mixed results.

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