Advertising: Software or Manual Optimization?

Posted: Jan 16

If you think that the most common debate is which came first, the chicken or the egg, you are wrong. In the Amazon Seller community, there is a question that can compete with the first one.


Do you need software for managing your PPC campaign, or optimizing the campaigns manually is the best strategy?


My answer is BOTH. For most of the accounts, we manage we use this double approach. Here is why:


Creating manual campaigns gives you complete control over the structure. The software helps you to optimize it regularly.


Increasing bids and optimization could be a daily and weekly task. When you manage many products manually, you can spend all your time on this task. The software does it automatically with the parameters and rules you set. It’s more efficient to optimize bids with software because the algorithm works much better than with any human.


Please, note that there are campaign types that most of the software wouldn’t create. Some of them make standard SP and SB campaigns. Others need to create them manually and adapt them to the software.


Optimizing your campaigns manually and with software create a different level of efficiency


Every software uses a different strategy you have to adapt to. Automated help is beneficial when you want to avoid human mistakes, build a scalable structure and grow it to its maximum potential.


Using software still requires human power to analyze data


It is still manual work to negate keywords and ASINs, analyze keyword and data reports and make strategic decisions.


There still might be several campaign types or optimization options that your software doesn’t yet optimize.

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