Advertising „Amazon“ products on „YOUTUBE“

Posted: Jun 24

Have you ever thought that you could reach 10 (made up number) times more specific audience on Youtube than on Facebook? While scrolling Facebook, a person notices your product. He sees it once or twice, maybe even three times. If you take time to build a targeted audience and set up “Facebook Pixel” you will reach people who are more likely to buy your product (obviously with a discount). However, one thing is often overlooked: people don’t go to Facebook to buy – they’re not looking for your product, maybe they’re not even interested.


In contrast, if a person is looking for „the best anti-aging products“ on Youtube, he has a problem and is looking for a solution, that’s why your product has a higher conversion chance here than on Facebook. On Youtube you can select specific videos, where you want to advertise your products. After choosing appropriate videos, your conversion will noticeably rise and advertising will become cheaper than if you were to advertise elsewhere. Take advertising opportunities outside „Amazon“ and you will be surprised how much you can achieve when there’s a few external sources.


When you create „Youtube“ advertisement on „Google Ads“

1. Choose the purpose of advertising to “Leads” and type to „Video“;
2. Click „Placements“;
3. Select „Youtube Videos“;
4. Insert chosen „Youtube“ video URLs.


We recommend to choose those videos, which aren’t necessarily at the top of search results. Select a few most commonly searched phrases which are related to your product and advertise on those videos.


All the information you need for how to create advertisements is on Youtube. Search for „how to advertise on Youtube“. Before creating advertisements, by all means watch these videos step by step, in order to stop wasting money when you get „trial and error“ errors.


P.s. In case you use individual discount coupons, you must TURN OFF automatic review request email campaigns. If Amazon notices that you’re asking for review, doesn’t matter if “honest review”. Amazon will think you incentivised a review when a buyer was given an individual discount. Your account might be suspended for „Rank manipulation“.

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