Advantages of Premium A+ Content

Posted: October 5

The new Premium A+ content feature has gained a lot of popularity lately.

And it’s understandable. The visual presence of brands is crucial for their overall performance and positions on Amazon.


Here are the top 4 advantages of Premium A + and the reasons why we have been using it for the last 2 years:

  • Premium A + gives your brand’s customers a highly – customized user experience and a unique Product detail page (PDP). You can incorporate video, carousels, hotspot images, and enhanced comparison tables; 
  • You can add videos that are much more viewable preferred by consumers images-only content;
  • There are no white gaps between the modules. This advantage allows you to create a very consistent and eye-grabbing story and design for your product;
  • When done right, Premium A+ content gives a significant boost to your conversion rate (CR) and overall sales;
  • Amazon Launchpad is now free of charge in the USA with Premium A+ content.


Launchpad is a program designed to build brand awareness and accelerate your Amazon business. Once you hit the criteria to apply, Launchpad gives you tons of benefits regardless of whether you are a new seller or already have a history on the platform.

Unfortunately, not every Seller could access the new feature. Some of our clients still don’t have it, but if you meet the criteria and have the assets to use its full capacity – don’t miss the opportunity. It is more than worth it!

What are your 2 cents on the topic? Let’s discuss your experience and how you benefit from Premium A + below!

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