5 Top Amazon PPC Strategies for 2022

Posted: Dec 23

Amazon’s PPC advertising solutions now account for more than 12% of all digital ad spending, and for good reason. Amazon PPC campaigns allow sellers to get their products before shoppers already primed to buy, but you have to know what you’re doing to get the best results.


Here are our top five suggestions and techniques to ensure that your PPC advertisements in 2022 are successful.


Adjust Bids by Ad Placements

Your Amazon PPC advertising will appear in one of three locations:

  • Page one of search results.
  • The remainder of the search results.
  • The product information page and other pages outside of search results (e.g., add-to-cart).

You can look at the placement report for each campaign you run on Amazon to find out which of the three places got you the most exposure and conversions. Use this information to increase your chances of winning by setting the placement bidding multiplier for each placement between 0% and 900%.

Group Similar Product Variations Together

If your product has numerous variations, Amazon will classify them as child ASINs. Running an ad campaign for each of them separately isn’t advisable since it will eat into your budget, and, more crucially, your variations may end up vying for the same placement. Group individual versions into a single package and sell them under a unique ASIN to avoid this problem.

Target Alternative/Indirect Keywords

Instead of targeting highly-searched and highly-competitive keywords, try bidding on keywords that may have a low search volume but are still related to your product. Because there is less competition, the cost-per-click is lower, and although your campaign will receive fewer impressions, you will spend less on your ads for a better ROI. Also, the higher sales and conversion rates will boost your product’s organic ranking. You can gradually start adding more competitive keywords to your campaign as your product’s organic rank rises.


Target Products in Google Ads

Your competitors have already put in the effort to get their listings a lot of attention, so take advantage of your competitors’ visibility on Google. People are aware of their company’s brand name in the marketplace. All you have to do now is add adverts for your products on those pages and profit from their purchases.


Use Negative Keywords

If you mark a keyword as negative, your ads will no longer appear when someone searches for that keyword. This approach also applies to product targeting.

Look for words that have a lot of clicks but no conversions and use this negative targeting feature to eliminate them from your campaign. When you stop paying on keywords that don’t convert, you’ll have more money left over for the top performers.

The Bottom Line


Given the vast array of options available to shoppers on Amazon, it’s critical to stand out. You can do this very efficiently through Amazon PPC if you follow our advice. Good luck!

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