10x Yearly Sales Strategy?

Posted: January 17

All the 7, 8, or 9-figure incredible Amazon graphs and high results are a consequence.


The stunning numbers are the top of the iceberg you see on social media. Underneath the shining peak are tons of hard work and precisely considered long-term strategy.


What do we mean?


There shouldn’t be any coincidence in your Amazon strategy. You have to know why you use tool X or the purpose of investing Y amount of money (and time) in PPC.


As we at AMZ Bees did for one of our clients.  


What did we do to reach almost 10x yearly sales and hit the Best Sellers?


You can’t plan your moves without an in-depth audit of the account.


We had many consultations.


They helped our partner to quadruple the sales from €102k in August 2021 to € 804k in sales for November and December ’21. That was the brand’s 56,3% of all the revenue made in 2021 (Q4 shopping definitely had influence).


Listing optimization is a must when you want to increase conversion rates.


  • We focused on SEO-friendly copy, including all essential product keywords.


  • Our team optimized the back end and worked on all the data customers don’t see, but Amazon indeed does. We used the back end to rank in search terms not used in your front end.


  • The front-end updates were our next job. It helps us to improve rank organically in the most relevant search terms.


  • Last but not least, we suggested forming a super-listing by creating a two-attribute variation of size and color. Merging main products into a super-listing significantly improves the Best Sellers Rank (BSR).


It was the time for King PPC.


Sponsored Products (SP) Advertising on Amazon is the most effective paid tool to rank organically and scale sales. Ads sales on the most relevant search terms not only increase your BSR. It also grows your organic positions and provides you with more organic sales, which are the most profitable ones.


What was the PPC optimization level we used? How does it affect the overall revenue/profit of the client?


Did we use social proof to increase the results? Find out in the entire case study and let’s conquer Amazon together!

Interested in conquering Amazon together?


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