Case No. 4

How we increased profits by 575% in 2 months

Klaidas Siuipys

Let’s talk Amazon Strategy | $50M+ in Amazon Sales Growth | Founder @ AMZ bees | Amazon Expert for 7+ Years

Sometimes 2 months aren’t a big deal for a well-polished Amazon account. In some other cases, it means transformation.

For one of our latest clients, we hit an 87% increase in sales and a 575% increase in gross profit margin for just 2 months. We started with this account in the middle of January 2022 with a gross profit of $ 3 415.33. In March, we already had $ 30 647.21. 

How did we achieve it?

From day 1, we immediately understood that there were tons of work to be done: 


  • We had to fix a lot of structural issues, and we have created a new 1st level of PPC structure. We had to turn off 95% of the client’s previous campaigns because they were incredibly poorly managed. The only option was to push the changes as much as possible. Our goal was to gather the campaign data and get more organic rankings. 
  • For the first 30 days, we increased the Ad Spend budget to $18K per month for initial data and scale. We have slowly started to lower it in March to around $2,5-3K per week. 
  • We updated the listing copy to be SEO friendly, and we didn’t forget to do it for the backend SEO as well; 


Regardless of the technical issues with Amazon, we finally managed to create stable product variations. In the beginning, the platform was constantly separating the main variation, but we didn’t give up. 


It is too early for a full case study because we are at the beginning of our journey. Until then, we are working hard on the new visuals that will help us to improve results even more. I’m confident that soon I’ll be able to share more milestones achieved and data to discuss.

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