Case No. 5

How We Increased Halloween-Season Brand's Revenue by 80%

Klaidas Siuipys

Let’s talk Amazon Strategy | $50M+ in Amazon Sales Growth | Founder @ AMZ bees | Amazon Expert for 7+ Years

The year is flying so fast, and it was time for “trick or treats” all over the globe.

Halloween 2022 just passed, and it’s time to take a brief look at this year’s results and the steps we followed to optimize our clients’ best performance.

We reached over $700K for this holiday event which is over 80% better result than last year’s sales. 
What did we do to prepare and improve our client’s brand: 

Started as a discussion, grew to a partnership.

Halloween themes and infographics are must-have attributes for more PDP and Storefront conversions. People buy with their eyes in the first place. Later, they can look for the details. 

Got stock on time

One of the most sensitive Amazon terms is the restocking limits for FBA sellers. To be sure you will be ready for the holiday season and meet your customers’ needs, get in stock at every possible moment. For the Q4 season, the middle of summer is perfect timing. Bear in mind that Halloween shopping starts in the second week of September. 
It’s crucial to correctly calculate how much of every SKU you need to maximize sales and minimize overstock. This particular client started to manufacture stock for October in Q1 2022.
Slow and steady wins the race. Well-prepared, too. 

Use the proper keywords for the event

We spent enough time choosing the keywords (KWs) for titles and listings that have boosted the conversions. Even though we tried to dominate the main KWs, most of our ad spend went to long-tail keywords that are a lot more specific to our products. 

Spent less by spending more

During October, it’s crucial to check and optimize your ads daily. Such a massive event was worth increasing the advertising budget and bids. When our conversions were performing much better, the ACOS also followed.


If you manage Halloween-season accounts with many SKUs, you can maximize profitability by turning off ads of low-stock products daily. 


Halloween was an excellent start to the most profitable time of the year. 


Did you utilize the Halloween sales, and was your strategy on point?

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