Case No. 3

16X More Amazon Sales in One Day! What Happened?

Klaidas Siuipys

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Some time ago we shared a post on LinkedIn about our $430K in sales winner. Sales were more than 16 times higher than the days before, so we asked our community on LinkedIn to guess what led to these results. We received so many quality responses. All your guesses were logical, and some of them were super funny. It’s time to reveal what has happened. 

We ran a Deal-of-the-Day, or Today’s Deal, for our best-selling parent variation. As you maybe know, this is a 24 hour lasting deal at the very top of the Amazon Deals page

How did we get the Deal-of-the-day: 

To get a Daily Deal, your product has to fit some criteria. The main one is based on the sales of the product for the last 12 months. The parent variation has to generate at least $200K. Of course, a good-looking listing with A+ content, 4 and 5-stars reviews from customers is also essential. 

The tricky part is preparing and sending up the application that will allow you to even think about running a Deal. The best way to do it is by having an account manager. This could be a SAS core manager, Launchpad manager, or even a free account manager that Amazon could assist you with. 

We have been planning the Deal-of-the-day for almost a year. When we joined the Launchpad program and got our account manager, we actively worked to get the Deal opportunity. In December 2021, we got the confirmation from Amazon, but we decided that there was no sense to run the Deal then. Our product was performing very well anyway, and we sold out. 

What are the specifics of the Deal-of-the-day:

You can run a Daily Deal for your parent ASIN every 3 months. On the Deal day, the product’s price has to be 20% lower than any other price for the past 2 months (other deals included). In our case, it meant that for 2 months, we couldn’t run any lightning deals because our deal price would drop too much. The first Deal-of-the-day is the hardest to get, and you have some limitations. You can’t separate your parent variation, and you have to run the Deal for all the child ASINs. Once you have a good history of your first Deal and your daily sales for the ASIN are $200K or more, you can change your strategy. 

What are the specifics of the Deal-of-the-day:

We are planning the next Deal-of-the-day in about 3 months but with some changes in our strategy. For the next 30 days, we will be running lightning deals every week. For the last 2 months, we will separate the parent variation, and for the first half, we will be running lightning deals, and for the second one, we will run a Daily Deal. This way, we will use the weekly organic traffic from the lightning deals. 

We have estimated about $500-600K of sales but even though we got $430K we have occupied the first spot on the main amazon(dot)com page during this Deal. We believe this was due to St. Patrick’s Day which was a celebration and always at the end of the week. 

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